Saturday, November 28, 2009

Megan fox wallpaper. Pics again.

Megan fox wallpaper. Fresh pics...
megan fox wallpapermegan fox wallpapermegan fox wallpapermegan fox wallpapermegan fox wallpaper
? is this photo shopped I hope not, but it? http / / i REALLY !!!!!!!!!! want to know! IS THIS PHOTO shopped so bad ??????????? if you like we can tell (this is Megan Fox might know her, such as banks Michala on Transformers whos shes main female character is always with Sam witwickky
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Miley cyrus nude pics. Pics...

Miley cyrus nude pics. Cool pics:

miley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude picsmiley cyrus nude pics
Who do you like better? Who do you like best Selena and Demi and Miles & Mandy ... Personally, I like selena and demi. Why? 1. I like their control 2nd they are great role models 3rd They have some cool smog 4th they are beautiful, why I dont like miley 1st The 2nd nude pics it is not as big a role model 3rd their sense of style 4th their attitudes 5th I think she is much too shallow. Please do not respond to this with repetitions as you jerk! i love Miley and i cannot believe you Dissing her so! just die!. that's my opinion and you do not need to go cry to, because they dont like ppl on the same celebrity as you. That would mean, because you technically make fun of other opinions and to say that they are rude because they do not like Miley Cyrus. I am just about all their fans scream at PPL who say anything bad about Miley will be marked in any way. You are not standing up for them! They are just as rude as the PPL, which their own opinion of Miley, you are just a fool of himself. So please do not answer them with a rude remark, that is so immature. So please give the one you like best and why.
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